Kimberly Seilhamer

Chief Executive Officer

Marine Corps Veteran, Kimberly Seilhamer is a produced feature film writer, director, producer, and television content creator.  Kimberly is an accomplished screenwriter with three produced features (Jack the Reaper; Inside Irvin; The Keyman) and a TV movie (Hometown Hero). JTR “reaped” BEST HORROR/SCI-FI at the Cannes Indie Film Fest and has aired on SciFi, Showtime, Chiller, Netflix, and was distributed in REDBOX. At present, JACK THE REAPER and The KEYMAN are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Kimberly helms Kilo Entertainment, LLC which develops mainstream genre films, scripted, and unscripted television. She has several television shows in development, to include the military docuseries, BATTLEFIELD MEDICINE, and the historical horror anthology series, APOSTLES OF CAIN, the pilot of which won BEST TV PILOT at the LA FEMME film festival in October 2019. She’s an active member of the Hollywood American Legion Post 43, Veterans in Media and Entertainment (VME), the Writer’s Guild of America, West and the Film Fatales.


Kimberly Seilhamer IMDb and resume.

Mark Erikson

Executive Producer

Mark Erikson’s experience dealing with business, technology, and product is eclectic and solid. During the past 20 years, he has implemented his talents and vision to streamline and manage operations. This knowledge enables Mark to mentor others, improving performance, understanding, and diagnostic skills of projects in development.

Mark Erikson’s film production experience includes the feature film, JACK THE REAPER among others. His ability to “assimilate” his surroundings and meet the challenges inherent to entrepreneurial exploration make him an invaluable asset to all Kilo Entertainment productions.

In addition, Mark has worked with many companies that have experienced significant growth as well as successfully and prosperously sustained operations while pushing to the forefront of industry technology. The man with the golden touch, he intuitively and practically determines the needs of a project and creates plans to support them. His attributes help create a recipe for success for all KE film and television ventures.

History of Kilo

Kilo Entertainment, LLC produces mainstream content for the large and small screen in various genres and formats. The namesake of the company is the German Shepherd, Kilo Vom Haus Drage, one of the first German Shepherds company founder Kimberly Seilhamer ever had. 

Kilo was an amazing companion and special member of the family and previously served as a police dog and was protection trained. A few weeks short of 12 weeks old, Kilo went to heaven on May 1, 2002 due to bone cancer. The dog featured in the company logo is an actual rendition of the great Kilo. 

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